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Digitiqe is your trusted source for audiovisual and IT solutions in Denver and Boulder, Colorado. Our expertise caters to both residential and commercial needs. Our team designs, installs, and supports state-of-the-art AV and IT systems.

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At Digitiqe in Denver and Boulder, we bring expertise to the forefront, offering a diverse array of audiovisual and IT services tailored to the dynamic needs of our clients. We specialize in crafting seamless audiovisual and IT systems that redefine your residential or commercial space.

Denver & Boulder Smart Homes and AV Installation

Elevate your Denver or Boulder residence. We are committed to transforming your living space into a sanctuary of comfort, entertainment, and security. Our comprehensive solutions include whole-home (distributed) audio, video, surveillance, home automation, smart home, and shade systems, all meticulously designed to enhance the distinctive lifestyle of Denver and Boulder, Colorado.

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Denver and Boulder Audiovisual Solutions for Businesses

Elevate your business operations with our commitment to cutting-edge technology and unmatched reliability. Digitiqe is dedicated to empowering commercial enterprises in Denver and Boulder with top-notch solutions, including wireless and wired networks, POS installation, audio systems, televisions, projectors, video walls, surveillance, and low voltage cabling services.

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