Fort Collins iPhone Repair

Shattered iPhone screen? iPhone water damage? Digitiqe Fort Collins has you covered with apple authorized iPhone repairs!

Digitiqe offers free diagnostics on your iPhone and uses quality parts from Apple, to complete all repairs. 
Whether you are looking to get your iPhone 8+ fixed or your iPhone 11 volume button repaired, our pros can handle it! Digitiqe offers same-day service for certain iPhone repairs such as displays (phone screens) and battery swaps. These repairs are usually complete in about two hours. Bring your iPhone in for a quick and free diagnostic. Contact your local Digitiqe to schedule an appointment for your iPhone repair. Whether you are having issues with the battery life on your iPhone or you need a screen replacement or repair – our friendly Fort Collins techs will help you out!

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iphone repair

We are Fort Collins, Colorado iPhone repair experts! Book now.

We are the Fort Collins, CO iPhone repair experts. For all iPhone related issues and repairs - give us a call! We offer iPhone screen repair, charging port repair, battery repair, home button repair, water damage repair and more! Not sure what’s wrong with your device? Bring it in for a diagnostic and we’ll help you figure it out.

iPhone Cracked
Screen Replacement

Cracked iPhone screen? Fast iPhone Screen repair by the pros.

We’ve all been there. A shattered screen can make using your iPhone impossible and can also lead to additional damage to your iPhone if moisture is able to enter the cracked glass. Finding a trusted cell phone repair resource in Fort Collins is easy with our conveniently located Digitiqe location. Visit us for all your glass repair needs. 

iPhone Back
Glass Repair 

apple authorized iPhone back glass repair and replacement.

Although Apple makes their back glass extra durable - it can still break! For quick and convenient service for your broken phone - give us a call at Digitiqe Fort Collins. We offer Apple iPhone screen repair in Fort Collins, CO. If your iPhone back glass shatters - don't panic, and give us a call at Digitiqe!

iPhone Battery

Malfunctioning iPhone battery? Digitiqe has you covered.

iPhone battery draining fast and not holding a charge?Leave it to the experts at Digitiqe! We can replace your iPhone battery for you for better and longer battery life. Improve your battery health today and reach out to us at Digitiqe Fort Collins.

iPhone Charging
Port Repair

Charging port loose or broken? Digitiqe charging port repair.

A broken charging port can be very frustrating! If you have determined that your iPhone’s charging port is in need of repair - bring it in to Digitiqe for the best iPhone repair in Fort Collins, CO. 

iPhone Water
Damage Repair

iPhone water damage got you down? We diagnose and repair water damage.

Water damage happens. If your iPhone has been spilled on or fully submerged in water - chances are you will need to come visit us at Digitiqe Fort Collins for expert iPhone water damage repair. Visit us for a free estimate on your iPhone's water damage.

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