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Fast Mac Computer Repair in Fort Collins, CO

May 21, 2021

Digitiqe is excited to offer certified Apple repair to the Fort Collins area with our new location on East Harmony Road.


Our team of certified Apple repair technicians are professional, honest and efficient. If you are in or around Fort Collins we can assist you with repair of in-warranty or out-of-warranty repairs on:


·     MacBook

·     MacBook Pro

·     MacBook Air

·     iMac

·     iPhone

·     iPad

·     Apple Watch

·     Apple Watch

·     Beats Headphones

·     Any other Apple product


Don’t let a cracked screen or water damage prevent you from getting your work done. Bring your Mac, MacBook, iPhone or Apple device to Digitiqe Fort Collins for prompt repairs.


Not sure why your Apple product isn’t working? Digitiqe is hereto help with our diagnosis service!


“My Macbook Pro is getting up there in age and she gets finicky. When she wouldn't turn on I thought that was it, but I thought I lost everything. After a quick response via online chat, Digitiqe got her up and going again with a diagnostic. She's faster than she's been in a long time.Thank you Digitiqe, I wasn't looking to buy a new laptop yet.” – Katie Heath


Please give us a call to discuss your repair needs or to schedule an appointment! View our contact information here.


You can also schedule a repair through Apple’s website here.


We are excited to be part of the Fort Collins community and can’t wait to work with you or your business to keep your Apple products working smoothly.

Need Apple Repair?

We service and repair products including: Mac, iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone and more. We have the unique ability to offer extensive support on both warranty and out-of-warranty Apple devices. 

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