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Denver iPhone Screen Repair

May 21, 2021

iPhone screen repair is one of the most common repairs we see at Digitiqe Denver. It is important to fix your iPhone’s screen promptly after it breaks to avoid additional damage and more costly repairs. Below we have outlined some of the options available in Denver for iPhone repair.

Authorized Service Provider

An authorized Apple service provider, often referred to as an AASP, is a business that has gone through a certification process and is authorized by Apple to perform warranty repairs, out-of-warranty repairs and other services on Apple devices. 

Authorized Apple service providers have access to genuine Apple parts, diagnostic tools, and training provided by Apple. By choosing an AASP you can ensure that your iPhone screen repair is conducted using official parts and methods, maintaining the integrity and functionality of your iPhone.

Digitiqe Denver is open Monday through Saturday from 9am - 6pm for repair services. We accept walk-in’s or you can schedule an appointment here. Digitiqe Denver is located in the RiNo district, on Walnut.

In-warranty and out-of-warranty repair services are available. 

Apple Store

The Cherry Creek Shopping Center in Denver has an Apple store where you can also take your iPhone to be repaired by Apple-authorized technicians. You can visit their website or use the Apple Store app to schedule an appointment.

In-warranty and out-of-warranty repair services are available. 

Third-Party Repair Shops

There are also several reputable third–party repair shops in Denver. Be aware when using a third-party repair shop that Apple does not sell iPhone parts to these shops so you may encounter issues down the road and Apple will charge you the out-of-warranty price for future repairs if the display is causing or contributing to future problems.

DIY Repair 

If you have the necessary skills and tools, you can attempt to repair your iPhone screen yourself. However, keep in mind that this option carries risks as well, such as voiding your warranty or potentially causing further damage.

The best and safest way to repair your iPhone screen is to bring it into an Apple authorized repair shop or the Apple store. If you would like to book an appointment with Digitiqe Denver or view our hours of operation, click here.

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