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My iPhone is broken, should I repair it from a local shop?

May 21, 2021

Staying connected to friends and family. Access to music and photos. News, Information and Navigation. You rely on your phone and normally bring it with you everywhere you go! 

At Digitiqe we know that accidents happen! Living in the Rocky Mountains many of us live an active lifestyle and cracked screens or water damage is common. 

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When the dreaded does happen, it can be difficult to determine whether a repair is needed and how to go about getting one done. Should you take it to an iPhone repair shop, or are you better off bringing it to the Apple Store.

While your first thought might be to go with the latter, visiting your local iPhone repair shop, Digitiqe, may be the better option. 

Convenient iPhone Repair in Fort Collins

If you are looking for a local and reputable Apple repair shop, visit Digitiqe Fort Collins

The safest and most reliable repair is one handled by a trained technician using genuine parts that have been properly engineered and thoroughly tested. That is why Digitiqe Fort Collins is an Apple Authorized Service Provider.  We can provide the highest level of support and iPhone repair!

Getting to an Apple Store isn’t always easy and wait times for repairs can be quite long. At Digitiqe Fort Collins we accept walk-in’s until 4pm daily and pride ourselves in responsiveness and professionalism. No matter what iPhone model you have.

“This place is AMAZING! I took my iPhone here to get it fixed and they did an outstanding job! Thank you Landon for being so helpful and professional. I will definitely be going back.” -Philip Tuminaro  

Troubleshooting Your iPhone 

A broken phone that needs its screen repaired is easy to diagnose. Other iPhone issues, however, can be more difficult to diagnose on your own. A quickly draining battery, finicky touchscreen or other issues can be both frustrating and a sign of a larger issue. 

When you notice your iPhone battery life taking a dive it might be time for a battery replacement. If your touchscreen is not working properly you may need an iPhone screen repair. 

iPad Repair Too!

At Digitiqe Fort Collins we offer iPad repair as well! We offer the same price, parts and service as Apple whether you have AppleCare+ or your iPad or iPhone is out of warranty

Protect it Before it Breaks

There are many tips and tricks that you may or may now know about when it comes to taking care of your iPhone. 

Protective Case 

Although it can be tempting to use your iPhone without a case to keep it’s sleek and slim look, a case can save you in the event of a drop or water spill! 

A screen protector is also key. A glass screen protector will prevent cracks and scratches to your phone’s screen.

Make Sure Your Charging Port is Clean

If your phone won’t charge, check your lightning port! If your lightning port is clogged use a toothpick to remove debris. Do this very carefully because you do not want to damage any of the contact points. If that doesn’t work then you can try a can of compressed air to get out any debris.

Delete Apps You Aren’t Using

You probably have quite a few apps on your phone that you downloaded a while ago and haven’t opened since. Whether it’s a mindless game or social media that you never check - when it comes to keeping up with the maintenance on your iPhone you should routinely check which apps you aren’t using and delete them. 

There is even a feature within your setting called ‘Offload Unused Apps’ that you can find within your iPhone storage settings. This feature will automatically delete unused apps when your low on storage but save your documents and data. 

Update to the Most Recent iOS

Keeping your iOS up to date is the best way to maintain your iPhone. Apple releases bug fixes and improvements to the battery life that can be downloaded through the newest iOS. 

This should only take about a few minutes to do and is very easy. Don’t ever fall behind with updating your iPhone because that is when problems will arise. 

Update Your Apps

If you don’t usually remember to update your apps then there is a feature that will do it for you within your settings. This will help to ensure your apps are always up to date and ready to use as it works in the background. A lot of people do choose to turn this off though because it can waste battery.

Manage Background Tasks 

There are many apps on your iPhone that will refresh in the background while you’re doing something else. This can be a killer on your battery. The feature is called  background app refresh and will check for updates when you’re not using the app. There may be some apps that you want to allow to do this, such as your email, however you can turn this feature off for most apps.  

Clear Safari Cookies and Data

Another way to speed up your iPhone is by clearing the cookies and data collected by Safari. To clear your cookies open Safari and click on the clear history and website data button. Keep in mind that by doing this, Safari will not recommend websites that you frequently visit unless they’re bookmarked or you visit them again after. 

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