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Why Choose an Apple Authorized Service Center

May 21, 2021

Choosing the best service center for your iPhone, Mac and Apple Device repairs. 

Apple Store Vs. Apple Authorized Service Center

Those looking for Apple repairs often become confused about the differences between Apple Stores, Apple Authorized Service Centers and unauthorized repair businesses. 

When searching for “iPhone repairs near me” - you can become overwhelmed with the variety of options, prices and locations available to you. In this blog post we will be clarifying the differences between the types of repair shops and will review the benefits of choosing an Authorized Service Center. 

In short, Authorized stores must meet certain requirements set by Apple and their employees receive the same training and certifications that regular Apple Store employees do.

In contract, unauthorized repair facilities create their own standards to adhere to. 

Authorized stores also have access to Apple resources including genuine replacement parts and product schematics. These are proprietary resources of Apple that unauthorized locations do not have access to. 

Apple Authorized locations are about as close as it gets to a genuine Apple Store, with some added benefits such as location and speed of repairs.

Benefits of Bringing Repairs to Authorized Service Centers

Quick Repair Turnaround Time 

Digitiqe can repair most products right here at our service center, which means that we hardly ever mail out products for repair. This means faster turnaround time on your iPhone repairs, Mac repairs and Apple product repairs. 

“Thank you, Cody and Digitiqe for saving me when I woke up one morning with a computer that was not functioning. Getting this repaired was urgent for my business and I so appreciate your understanding of my situation, sympathizing with my urgency, and providing a quick, effective, high quality repair … all while keeping me updated as the work was performed.” - Jeffrey Lehrman

Apple Authorized Service Provider

Genuine Parts

One of the biggest benefits of visiting an Authorized Service Center is that all repairs are made using Genuine Apple Parts. This means that the risk of malfunctioning or subpar parts being used during your repair does not exist. 

The only stores that can order OEM original parts are Apple stores and Authorized Service Centers. OEM parts are not available for retail sale and can only be acquired through repair services at these locations. 

This is especially important for certain repairs such as battery replacements. 

Software Calibration

Another benefit of bringing your device to an Authorized location is that you can ensure proper software calibration. Repaired devices can now be calibrated by connecting to a Mac and running Apple’s diagnostic software. This means that repairs are now faster - decreasing turnaround times on repairs. 

Data Protection

At Digitiqe we know that your data is important! That is why we never wipe, or factory reset devices when conducting repairs. It is common for data to be improperly backed up. To learn more about how to correctly back up your data, check out our blog post on backing up your data. 

Luckily, at Digitiqe we protect your data during all repairs! This means that you can rest easy when bringing your iPhone, Mac, iPad or other Apple device in for a repair.

Finding an Authorized Service Center Near You

To find your closest Authorized Service Center, visit Apple’s location finder. This will show you all Authorized Repair locations in your area. It can be difficult to find an Apple store, especially in remote areas. Digitiqe has locations in Fort Collins, Denver, Breckenridge - and soon, Boulder! 

Convenient and Fast iPhone Repair Near You

If you are looking for fast, professional and convenient iPhone, Mac or Apple device repair near you, we are your guys! Find one of our Authorized Repair locations in Denver and Fort Collins.

“Recently dropped into Digitiqe with my iPhone (volume issue) and Macbook Air (fan running) and both problems were resolved promptly! Very pleased with the professional and friendly service. Definitely recommend Digitiqe for iPhone repair in Fort Collins or the surrounding area.” 

We are so excited to offer Authorized Repair in Boulder soon as well! Stay tuned for our official announcement. 

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