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The iPhone 13: Everything You Need to Know

May 21, 2021

At first glance, the iPhone 13 may look fairly similar to the iPhone 12 - only changing the position of one of its back cameras. However, there are certainly more substantial upgrades. The iPhone 13 boasts a new display, larger battery and better camera hardware and software, making it the new benchmark for flagship phones.

Camera Upgrades

Both the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 Mini include the most advanced dual camera system Apple has to offer. A new wide camera with bigger pixels and sensor-shift optical image stabilizations offers huge improvements in low-light photos and videos. The new Photographic Style filters and Cinematic mode focus-racking ability are unique to the iPhone 13. 

Battery Life Improvements

Battery life improvements in the iPhone 13 are made possible by A15 Bionic, more efficient components, a larger battery, and power optimization from a deep integration of hardware and software. The iPhone 13 delivers unmatched battery life, with up to two and half more hours in a day than iPhone 12.

What is A15 Bionic? 

A15 Bionic is a chip with 15 billion transistors, new graphics and AI abilities. A15 Bionic is much faster than the competition, delivering more performance and better power efficiency. It can tackle the most demanding tasks, including the latest computational photography features. 

Transistors are the core circuitry elements that process and store data on chips, the count on the A15 Bionic is significantly higher than the 11.8 billion on the A14 chip powering the iPhone 12. 

Design Changes

There are two main design changes for the iPhone 13. The cameras on the rear are now arranged diagonally instead of vertically. And the notch is now 20% smaller while still delivering the same TrueDepth camera system and Face ID you'd expect. 

The iPhone 13 comes in five colors, including: Pink, Blue, Midnight, Starlight and Red. 

Shared Experiences

iOS 15 has ushered in an improved FaceTime experience with better audio and a cleaner interface. The iOS 15.1 update allows you to listen to music or watch TV with friends via SharePlay. The Messages app offers a new Shared with You section for photos, articles, and more - allowing you to keep track of the links that friends text to you.

The Best Coverage Yet

The customized hardware design in the iPhone 13 lineup features more 5G bands which allows it to work in more places on 5G for better coverage and overall performance. 

The iPhone 13. Is it Worth it?

The iPhone 13 improves on what was already the best iPhone for most people by introducing a bunch of welcome enhancements. Longer battery life and improved experience makes the iPhone 13 a top choice for Apple users.

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